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In a corporate environment focusing on identifying methods to streamline activities and to better use their resources, tourism is making visible efforts to adapt to this trend.

The business-travelling niche is the most affected by “killing costs” methods such as introducing video-conferencing as a way to interact with board members or clients, so companies have come up with innovative methods to save time during business traveling and to save money by having lower negotiated prices with companies.

Whether we take into consideration the auction and booking programs, through which the company can choose the best prices for their desired travel package, or the mobile applications, both have only one purpose: to help the company and its employees to save time and money in business travel management. That is why Carlson Wagonlit Travel, in its report „Trends in business tourism in 2013” named technology and all its related aspects, as being „the best friend of the business traveler”.

Those not traveling for vacation but for business have access to a full range of portable equipment that make it easier to stay in touch with their company or with their clients.

According to a study delivered by the same company, about 70% of business travelers have a smartphone or a tablet / laptop to use when they are travelling.

Almost 80% of business travelers who own a smartphone do their check in by phone, if it’s available, and by 2015 it is anticipated that 90% of the airlines will offer their customers the opportunity to make their check in via mobile applications.

Furthermore, the report also points out several other interesting aspects such as:

• The upward trend of online reviews coming from business travelers. At this moment, 1 of 3 business travelers post reviews about their accommodation.
• For 2013, the prices of business travel packages are expected to increase with an average of 5%;
• Avatars (online travel consultants) will be more and more present on the websites and applications of airline companies and travel agencies. This way the companies will respond to their clients demand independent of the working hours and in a timelier manner.
Visa regulations changes also have a profound impact on business traveling. While some countries will relax visa conditions (Russia to U.S. citizens, U.S. to Taiwan and Brazil which is anticipated to join the Visa Waiver program), others have already declared their strengthening of the visa granting conditions (China).

Source: Carlson Wagonlit Travel, “Business Travel Trends in 2013”, “Travel Management Priorities for 2013”

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