Once you reach out to us, we leverage our long-standing connections with top tier media to get your story known.

Press conferences

We share your message with hundreds of reporters, journalists, bloggers, and influencers, thus covering a great mix of TV, radio, online & print media. Many times, the press conferences we are organizing take place in creative locations and include appealing activations, enabling networking among the attendees, and enhancing brand’s image.

Press releases

We are continuously focused on getting you media coverage through storytelling and persuasive topics. We have a large media database (over 700 contacts) and an average of 30 – 45 top clippings per each press release.

Print & TV interviews

In the past years, we have facilitated over 875 print articles for our clients in Romanian quality magazines. Besides, we have excellent connections with Romanian top televisions (national spread), and, using the image of Razvan Pascu as our GM to promote travel brand we represent and to act as spokesperson, we have achieved great results.

PR Blitz

On top of that, we have helped clients increase awareness of their business by planning and crafting creative PR blitz activities that generated Social Media posts and enhanced communication, leading to rewarding outcomes.

Influencer communication

Last but not least we enjoy arranging successful influencer communication through blog trips (both in Romania and abroad) and online activations. So far, we have organized blog trips to destinations such as Loire Valley, Israel, or Germany, but also more than 50 trips to Alba Iulia, Covasna, Mureș, Harghita or Astra Museum in Sibiu.

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